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For Patients

GammaTile  Therapy


Tough on the tumor. Easier on you and your caregivers.

The first radiation treatment specifically designed for use inside the brain, GammaTile Therapy gives patients a head STaRT and new hope in the fight against recurrent brain tumors. It also eliminates the need for traditional treatments and associated hospital or clinic visits, so patients can focus on what matters most—healing.

The neurosurgeon places GammaTile(s) precisely where and when treatment will help the most—immediately after tumor removal.

Radiation is focused right where it is needed and away from healthy brain tissue.[1]

Most patients experience fewer side effects compared to patients who receive other, more-traditional repeat-radiation treatments.[1–3]

There is no need for an extra hospital stay or to travel for additional, ongoing radiation treatments.

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Arizona PBS | June 11, 2019 | Implantable brain tumor treatment GammaTile Therapy with Dr. David Brachman.


Minnesota CBS | February 14, 2019 | New brain cancer treatment GammaTile Therapy at University of Minnesota with survivor Linda Tinega.

Arizona CBS | August 14, 2019 | New therapy to slow down brain tumors forever changes Arizona woman's life.

Patient Testimonial Video | Joan, A survivor treated with GammaTile Therapy

Physician Testimonial Video | Dr. Clark Chen, University of Minnesota

GammaTile Therapy Videos

Learn more about GammaTile Therapy and hear from patients about their treatment experience.


Ohio CBS | August 20, 2019 | Mayfield brain and spine neurosurgeon using new radiation therapy.


“My quality of life has been very good due to the good results I’ve had with GammaTile Therapy. I’m just really thankful that GammaTile Therapy was available because otherwise, I would have had to have another brain surgery.”

Joan  |  The first patient in Arizona to receive GammaTile Therapy. Watch Joan's video.


GammaTile Therapy Webinar

Watch an in-depth educational webinar about GammaTile Therapy, presented by world-renowned neurosurgeon Dr Joseph Zabramski and hosted by The Musella Foundation. Content includes background, safety and efficacy, surgical placement, a case study, and clinical trial information. Watch the GammaTile Therapy Webinar



Below are the answers to important questions about GammaTile Therapy for people with brain tumors and their caregivers. Please speak with your treatment team to see if GammaTile Therapy is right for you or your loved one. 



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GammaTile Therapy is indicated to deliver radiation therapy for patients with recurrent brain tumors. For full safety information, refer to the instructions for use.